One of our happiest memories of childhood is often associated with our mother’s home-made biscuits. Maybe she had a special recipe, passed on to her by her own mother and (as we were told) only known by a very few. Those biscuits are still to be found here at the Girifalco. Every morning, just as in the old days, we bake them for your breakfast. The recipe remains unchanged, and so does the delicious aroma. With the same care and attention, we also bake wonderful cakes and make jams from the fruit in our garden. 

With the principle of using mainly local quality products and with attention to flavors and health, Hotel Girifalco offers a hearty continental breakfast (sweet and savory buffet) and a revolutionary stain for the espresso coffee with coffee beans and high quality fresh milk. You will find many flavors of our Tuscany: cheeses, cold cuts, honey, bread and “focaccia”, but also cereals, juices, fruit and yogurt. Tell us about your dietary difficulties or intolerances and we will be happy to help you find products that are right for you!